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Does any of this sound like you?

  • You write a lot of checks to charity (or have a private foundation).
  • You want a tax deduction this year but want to support your charities over time.
  • You want the option to remain anonymous in your giving.
  • You want expert guidance with your philanthropy.
  • You want to involve your family in giving

A donor advised fund at Gulf Coast Community Foundation keeps you in the driver’s seat of your charitable giving.  You make tax-deductible gifts into your fund here and then recommend grants to your chosen charities - anywhere, at any time!  

Gulf Coast’s professional staff will also work closely with your legal, financial, and tax advisors to provide the oversight that your giving deserves. And if you’re open to learning about new charities and causes to support—we can help with that too!

To learn more, go here to read about how our donors are making an impact.

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