About Us

Together with our donors, we transform our region through bold and proactive philanthropy.

What Is Gulf Coast?

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The Foundation of Community

We are a public charity dedicated to serving the needs of our region. Everything we do here is about the community.

A Partner in Philanthropy

We are a collection of charitable funds created by individuals, families, organizations, and corporations to support their favorite causes, in our region and around the world.

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Here Forever

As an endowed organization, Gulf Coast Community Foundation will be here in perpetuity—to address emerging needs and to ensure your gifts continue to do all that you envision.

Bold and Proactive

Opportunity is knocking, more and more loudly, across Florida and the nation. That’s why we can’t wait to innovate to keep our region competitive.

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Making Waves

We’re impatient for change to improve our region. We see altering the status quo as our obligation to our community and to our donors.


The notion of a community caring for its own is written in our organizational DNA. Our foundation was created in 1995 with proceeds from the sale of The Venice Hospital, a community hospital that had been founded by local citizens more than four decades earlier. Over 850 generous philanthropists call Gulf Coast home.  Together with our donors, we have surpassed granting over $550 million in the areas of health and human services, civic and economic development, education, arts and culture, and the environment.

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Gulf Coast is uniquely positioned to provide needed leadership on emerging regional issues.

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Gulf Coast Community Foundation Partners


Everything we do is possible only through the generosity of our donors and the work of our vital nonprofit partners.

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Endowed Philanthropy

Through the power of endowment, your gift to Gulf Coast today can have impact forever.

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Together with our donors, we transform our region through bold and proactive philanthropy.

Who Is Gulf Coast?

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Our Board of Directors comprises the visionary volunteers who set our agenda.


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A bold and proactive team that is impatient for change.


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Honoring our responsibility to be good stewards.

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