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We are your partner in philanthropy.


With Gulf Coast Community Foundation, your clients' philanthropic journey is not a transactional experience, it's a transformational relationship. Partnering with Gulf Coast is like gaining your own philanthropic back office. Our experienced Philanthropy Team can help you maximize your impact and develop customized plans that meet your clients' financial and charitable goals, all while providing the same level of service they expect from you. We are here to help you help your clients.

Gulf Coast Philanthropy Team


We can help you help your clients. 

Each of your clients is unique. That’s why Gulf Coast provides customized philanthropic services to meet their (and your) needs. 


An Advisor Story

A local financial advisor works with a whip-smart couple who always ask good questions. When they wanted to take their charitable giving to the next level, it was no different. How can we go from writing a lot of checks every year to making a more systemic difference? Who can show us charities doing the best work in areas we care about? How do we meet others who like to support the causes we do? Their advisor was no philanthropy expert, but his answer to all of these was easy: Let’s talk to Gulf Coast Community Foundation…

We met with all three of them to customize a philanthropic plan that complements the couple’s financial plan. First, we set up their new donor advised fund, whose assets their advisor continues to manage. Then we discussed their interests and introduced them to several charities they’ve since come to love. We even plugged them into events and volunteer opportunities where they met other donors—a few of whom are now their closest friends!

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