Creating Your Fund

Whether you are new to philanthropy, making a transfer from an existing donor advised fund, or gifting from your private foundation, opening a fund at Gulf Coast Community Foundation is simple and quick.

Step 1Let us help you find the right fund.

Your Gulf Coast Philanthropic Advisor can help you determine what type of charitable fund best meets your needs. For many active donors, this is a donor advised fund. But there also are opportunities to explore funds that utilize the Charitable IRA Rollover, provide income to you or loved ones, and are designed to leave a legacy. Working with us will help clarify the best options for you and your family. 

Step 2 Identify the assets you’ll transfer to Gulf Coast.

If you are gifting stock, we recommend a direct transfer of stock in order to mitigate capital gains tax. Your Philanthropic Advisor can provide transfer instructions for gifts of appreciated stock or gifts made via check, credit card, or more complex assets. We will work with you to identify an appropriate investment strategy for your fund, using either Gulf Coast’s fund options or your own investment advisor. 

Gulf Coast’s Gift Acceptance policy is available upon request. Please email for more information.

Step 3Complete and sign a fund agreement.

This can be done in a matter of minutes, and you can name your fund to best reflect your charitable interests or honor or memorialize those who matter to you most. 

Step 4 – Transfer the assets to Gulf Coast.

The minimum initial balance in order to begin granting from a fund is $25,000, with an annual fee of 85 bps taken monthly on the average monthly fund balance. 

Step 5Manage your fund online, if you’d like.

You can log in to Gulf Coast’s dedicated, secure DonorView portal to view information about your new fund. 

Step 6Last but not least, make your first (of many) grants from your fund and experience the joy of giving!

The Gulf Coast team will take care of the administration — you enjoy the result.


Our Philanthropy Team is ready to meet with you (and your legal and financial advisors) to help you formalize your philanthropic intentions. Contact us to get started.

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