Advisor Tools

When you connect your clients with Gulf Coast Community Foundation for philanthropic guidance and support, it's a good thing - for your clients, your community, and your business.

Donor Advised Funds

Your fund. Your choice.

Keeping your client in the driver’s seat of their philanthropy. That’s the promise of a Donor Advised Fund at Gulf Coast. They make a tax-deductible gift to create (or add to) their fund, and then they recommend grants to the charities of their choice—anywhere, at any time.

Endowed Funds

The most enduring form of philanthropy.

A permanently endowed fund at Gulf Coast ensures that the causes most important to your client today will be provided for tomorrow. They can create an endowment at Gulf Coast to benefit their favorite charities or a particular cause. Or leave their fund’s purpose flexible.

Legacy Giving

Plan now, give forever.

What would your client like to be remembered for? Are there causes or charities they love today that they hope will continue to flourish long after they’re gone? A planned gift can benefit whatever it is they care about most and, if they wish, let future generations know it mattered to them. 

Income-Producing Gifts

Give and receive.

Did you know there’s a way to give yourself income for life while also ensuring that your favorite charities are provided for? Charitable gift annuities and trusts can give your client (and their loved ones) a steady stream of income now and support their favorite causes in the future. 

Resources we offer our professional advisor partners

Custom Gift Illustrations

Help in structuring gifts of complex assets

Expert knowledge of local charities and issues

Facilitation of family philanthropy planning

Continuing education opportunities

Presentations & training for you & your team on how to help clients