Give Forever

Would you like the charities you support today to receive gifts in your name forever?

Do you have a church or temple, alma mater, or favorite nonprofit that you would like to endow? 

Maybe you’re interested in a flexible gift that will help the best charities working in a particular area (arts, animals, the environment) or your favorite place?

An endowed fund at Gulf Coast Community Foundation is the most enduring form of philanthropy. It lives on beyond you, but not beyond us. Gulf Coast, as an endowed organization, will be here forever. So an endowed fund here ensures that the causes most important to you today are provided for tomorrow.

It will provide an annual gift, in your name, to the charities or causes of your choice. And because it’s housed at Gulf Coast, we’ll keep our (for)ever-watchful eye on it, to ensure that your named fund continues to do all that you envisioned.



Our Philanthropy team is ready to meet with you (and your legal and financial advisors) to help you formalize your philanthropic intentions. Contact us to get started.

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