COVID-19 Response

Meeting (and beating) the greatest needs.

Together with our donors, Gulf Coast Community Foundation has provided               $6.2 million in grants for COVID-19 relief.

6 million dollars

In times of need, we come together.

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Gulf Coast Community Foundation has responded quickly and strategically to the impacts of COVID-19 in our region. We partnered with Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation to launch the COVID-19 Response Initiative, a joint philanthropic initiative to complement governmental response to the pandemic and ensure the well-being of our region. Through the initial phase of our initiative, we have invested $2.6 million in grants to ease strains on lead health, human-service, and safety organizations serving those hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis.

Our initiative is designed to adapt and evolve as our communities move from response to recovery and eventually rebuilding. While we continue to provide immediate relief to nonprofit partners that are serving the most vulnerable, we also will build the capacity of lead agencies to meet longer-term needs yet to come. Here are the areas where grants from our COVID-19 Response Initiative have been invested so far:


More than 130 Gulf Coast donors and funding partners have contributed to this initiative, positioning us to address new impacts that will emerge. That includes 100% participation by our Gulf Coast Board of Directors, reflecting their commitment to our approach. On top of those gifts to our initiative, Gulf Coast donors have recommended over $3 million in grants from donor funds at the foundation specifically for COVID-19 relief, both locally and beyond.

And while our initiative prioritizes support for the health and human-service safety net, Gulf Coast also recognizes the devastating impacts across our entire nonprofit sector. Arts and cultural organizations have been among those hit hardest, and we responded by awarding $470,000 in emergency Arts Appreciation Grants to 10 of our region’s lead arts agencies. They are providing much-needed cash flow to these vital institutions while also energizing their donor bases to lean in with their own support at a uniquely difficult time.

Ways to give:




  • To learn about the very latest needs emerging from this crisis and unique opportunities to help meet them through your giving, you may always contact our Philanthropy team


Give from your fund at Gulf Coast by making a grant through DonorView.

Make a gift by credit card on our COVID-19 Response donation page.

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We are so grateful to the many generous philanthropists and funding partners who have co-invested in our COVID-19 Response Initiative. Their gifts are making it possible to provide immediate relief for the nonprofit organizations responding to this crisis by serving our neighbors who are most vulnerable to its impacts. They will also help us prepare for the long-term needs associated with the recovery and rebuilding yet to come.

Funding Partners: Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation Bank of America Charitable Foundation FCCI Charitable Foundation Jane’s Trust Foundation William G. and Marie Selby Foundation Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation Truist Charitable Fund 

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