Transformative Family Philanthropy

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The Chaifetz Family

Fostering a journey of philanthropy for future generations is a noble vision, especially when it’s within your own family. Gulf Coast Community Foundation donors, David and Edie Chaifetz, are the perfect example of utilizing multigenerational philanthropy to inspire their family to give to important causes. The couple is celebrating 15 years as Gulf Coast donors where they have made transformational gifts to the causes and organizations they care about most. They are living their values through philanthropy.  

The Chaifetzes created a family mission statement encouraging their family to do good in this world. David shared, “Our family mission statement says that the main mission for our philanthropy is to do whatever we can financially and with our efforts and time to protect, preserve, and provide for the safety of the Jewish community and Israel. Our philanthropy goes primarily to that. We continually have conversations with family members to understand their philanthropic goals and instill that same value within them.” That is why David and Edie set up donor advised funds for six of their grandchildren and their two daughters. Giving through Gulf Coast is something the entire family participates in. 

We asked the Chaifetzes why they chose Gulf Coast as their home to serve their philanthropic wishes. Edie shared, “We loved what Gulf Coast was doing and we wanted to be a part of it. We have always been supportive of Gulf Coast’s bold and proactive initiatives in our region.” David echoed that sentiment, “I had no idea what a donor advised fund was. It was new to us. The idea sounded like it would make philanthropy a lot easier and quicker and that’s true. I can go online and in three minutes, I've made my gift.” The Chaifetzes have provided countless referrals to Gulf Coast because of the ease of working with their donor advised fund. “It’s also the people at Gulf Coast that make the difference.”  

Co-investing with Gulf Coast’s initiatives, the Chaifetzes know the foundation is always providing guidance on high impact projects in our community. “When I see Gulf Coast supports an organization, I know the foundation has done their due diligence and I trust that is an organization I can support through our own philanthropy,” said David Chaifetz.  

So how do the Chaifetzes advise their family in future philanthropy? “Give until it feels good. Be proud of what you are doing,” said Edie. “If you have resources, you must share them. Don’t be greedy. You can never go wrong by giving help,” concluded David. 


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