Moving Forward Together: Gulf Coast Releases Latest Regional Scan

The biggest challenges we face as a region are not new, and they are not unique. What is new, though, is the significant disruption and growing uncertainty of the period we live in.

A new report from Gulf Coast Community Foundation identifies strategic regional priorities and areas of opportunity that emerge from the very risks that threaten the Gulf Coast region's greatest strengths as assets.

Moving Forward Together is a shared roadmap for Gulf Coast and our many partners to continue advancing our region and its communities. Read the full report here.

Where We Will Engage

Moving Forward Together results from Gulf Coast’s latest “regional scan.” This strategic planning process combines community perspectives with socioeconomic trends and indicators to help us better understand where we should head as a region and what we need to do to get there. Our last scan, in 2013, led to initiatives to diversify our economy, improve the skills of our workforce, and help homeless families find opportunity after the Great Recession.

The emerging risks and future needs identified in our 2017 regional scan represent significant challenges that we, as a region, will have to face together. Here are the regional priorities that will shape Gulf Coast Community Foundation’s initiatives, leverage our grants, and guide our next steps:

Creating Opportunity for All – We must enable and expand access to opportunity for current residents and the next generation.

Taking Care of Our Own – We must not overlook the less visible and the more vulnerable in our communities. 

Building the Innovation Economy – We must continue to be future ready and build the education, workforce, and entrepreneurial networks needed to diversify our economy.

Enhancing Our Unique Places – We must preserve and improve the greatest competitive strengths of our region—our unique communities, natural assets, amenities, and lifestyles. 

Advancing Civility – We must push back against trending extremism and embrace the differences that make our region great. 

To learn more about the trends and data that are driving these priorities and the shape that our tactics may take in addressing them, please read our full report.

Creating Shared Solutions

The economic cost of social issues and the amount of resources already dedicated to helping others in our region are substantial. Many of the priorities identified in Moving Forward Together address recurring issues and represent enduring enigmas.

At Gulf Coast, we will continue to work on these long-term issues by spurring new ideas and initiatives and bringing proven programs and interventions to our region. By investing in people and pursuing lasting solutions, we can help mitigate poverty, reduce hunger and homelessness, support financial-asset building, and provide future opportunities for many.

Gulf Coast Community Foundation is dedicated to advancing bold ideas and proactive initiatives to move our region forward. With your help, we can start building a better future for the Gulf Coast.

To learn how Gulf Coast can help you build the future you envision through your charitable giving, go here


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