Gulf Coast Hires One, Promotes Two

Gulf Coast Community Foundation has hired Jennifer Johnston as its Senior Community Investment Officer. In this role, Johnston is responsible for developing and managing strategic initiatives and grant programs that address regional priorities and will result in improved public policies in the Gulf Coast region.

Additionally, Gulf Coast promoted longtime staff members Wendy Deming to Chief Operating Officer and Erica Furo to Knowledge Management Officer.

“With Jennifer, Wendy, and Erica in these important positions, Gulf Coast can better meet our mission of transforming our region through bold and proactive philanthropy,” said Mark Pritchett, president and CEO of Gulf Coast Community Foundation. “Working closely with Jon Thaxton, Jennifer will enhance our Community Investment team’s initiatives and grantmaking. And Wendy and Erica will enable Gulf Coast to operate even more effectively, with an increased focus on data to guide our decision-making.”

To read more about Jennifer's, Wendy's, and Erica's roles, visit our Staff page.


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